shop contains Yoga Mats, Yoga Props, Lota Bottle & Yoga Accesories, Rumi shop is a product company focuses on making natural yoga products.

A combination of curated designs and colors influenced by nature, sunlight, blends all of the ingredients for an ideal. Please Come and visit to avail a very good offer!

Rumi is a natural products company developed from the need for more nature and grounding in daily life.

The owner and creator, a yoga practitioner, created the line of products based on a personal understanding and desire for earthy, natural products for yoga and meditation.

In a market saturated with yoga products that focus on aesthetics or functionality alone, Rumi combines the two, It’s giving equal importance to the Earth-conscious nature of our products and our process and their biodegradability.

Everything in our creations is made from natural or consciously-sourced materials. Our creation process is in or near the country from which the materials are sourced.

When we start our process for a new product, our guiding principal is to: find the trees and plants, then everything will work out.

Our products have been designed to offer comfort, stability and comfortably experience on asanas. Our natural, patented and designer products have been tried and tested by new and seasoned practitioners.

A combination of curated designs and colors influenced by nature, Rumi Earth blends all of the ingredients for an ideal, serene yoga practice into our products.

Design is a combination of aesthetics, materials, function and the method of making. Poetry is an ideal expression that has beauty and grace.

We design our products by making space in our minds for the poetic way to make them. This gives us the clarity and direction from which we define our process of making the final Rumi products.

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Gift Card

50 AED 1,000 AED

Coral, Graphite, Midnight, Peacock, Sand, Sunlight

Earth Yoga Mat

425 AED 499 AED
sun yoga mat bundle – sand

Graphite, Maroon, Midnight, Peacock, Sand

Sun Yoga Mat – Bundle

599 AED 460 AED
Sold Out


Rumi X Yoga Mat

449 AED
Sold Out

Graphite, Sand

moon yoga bungle – oleaf

Leaf, Ocean, Plum

Moon Yoga Mat – Bundle

499 AED 360 AED
Rumi Sun Yoga Mat Sand

Graphite, Maroon, Midnight, Peacock, Sand

Sun Yoga Mat

280 AED 349 AED

Dusty Rose, Midnight, Stone

Cotton Yoga Bolster – Round

299 AED 255 AED

Dusty Rose, Midnight, Stone


Brown, Dusty Rose, Graphite, Indigo, Light Peacock, Midnight

Cotton Yoga Bag

150 AED 199 AED