Yoga Mat Towel

SKU: RU-YT-SE-2675
Yoga Mat Towel
Yoga Mat Towel
Yoga Mat Towel
Yoga Mat Towel

Yoga Mat Towel

SKU: RU-YT-SE-2675
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Rumi multi-purpose Yoga Mat Towel is super-absorbent and provides grip during practice. It helps to absorb your sweat to stay in posture and keep the balance.

Width: 24 in | 66 cm
Length: 75 in | 190.5 cm

The yoga hand towel gives you the feeling of being closer to earth. Enjoy its natural vibes!

The top surface absorbs all your sweat, which avoids any pooling that would cause you to slip and slide around..

The top surface is woven with a subtle texture to comfortably grip on while you practice and is smooth enough not to disturb your movements..

The yoga hand towel can be washed by hand or in a machine. It can be air-dried, line-dried or tumble-dried. You can take care of it just as you do for your clothes. Our hand towel come out warm and fluffy from the tumble-dryers.

After living out its life as a yoga mat, if you choose to discard it, it will re-integrate back into earth within a very short span.


Lay the towel, spray lukewarm water to dampen the towel to keep in place. Quick to dry.

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