Yoga Mats Types: Sun Mat | Moon Mat | Earth Mat | Rumi X Mat | Star Mats. We have Size: Wide, Long, Travel And Professional-Grade. Grippy, Thick, Durable. Made Of Natural Rubber And Cotton. World’s Best Yoga Gear And Most Sustainable, Eco-Friendly And Natural.

Our mats provides cushioning to protect your joints and stability during balancing asanas, provides a secure grip to the floor while you flow through your vinyasa.

The top surface absorbs all your sweat, which avoids any pooling that would cause you to slip and slide around. Please Come and visit to avail a very good offer!

Natural Yoga Mats

Rumi is a product company focuses on making natural yoga products such as natural yoga mat, lota bottles and natural yoga accessories. Come and visit to avail a very good offer!

The owner and creator, a yoga practitioner, created the line of products based on a personal understanding and desire for earthy, natural products for yoga and meditation.

In a market saturated with yoga products that focus on aesthetics or functionality alone, Rumi combines the two, while giving equal importance to the Earth-conscious nature of our products and our process and their biodegradability.


Coral, Graphite, Midnight, Peacock, Sand, Sunlight

Earth Yoga Mat

499 AED
Sold Out


Rumi X Yoga Mat

449 AED
Rumi-Yoga-Star-Yoga_mat (6) (1)

Black, Dusty Rose, Graphite, Indigo Blue, Light Plum, Ocean Blue


Graphite, Sand

Rumi Sun Yoga Mat Sand

Camo Midnight, Dark Plum, Graphite, Maroon, Midnight, Peacock, Sand

Sun Yoga Mat

349 AED

Leaf, Ocean, Plum

Moon Yoga Mat

249 AED
Limited Edition
Lotus Orange
Limited Edition

Lotus / Orange, Peacock / Ocean