Nitai Krishna

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Nitai Krishna, an adventurous yogi from Ghana aims to inspire more people into yoga as a journey to their personal growth on the physical, mental and spiritual level.

In teaching, he provides a non judgemental environment and encourages students to focus on the breath, proper alignment, challenge themselves, while remaining safe, playful and lighthearted.

To Nitai, yoga is a way to control the restless monkey mind, to bring peace within and awaken pure devotion to our Divine Source.

In one word, he describes himself as a learner. Apart from yoga, he’s also passionate about singing Kirtans and doing art.

He’s been practicing and teaching Ashtanga, Hatha and dynamic Vinyasa yoga styles for more than 5 years.

His teacher training includes 500 hr Yoga Alliance courses at Radhika Yoga with Jayaprada Radhika and Jesús Qcori Malki & several workshops.

His classes are an “all level” class and he sends a warm invitation to everyone willing to be challenged and expand their practice.

His Instagram is @nitaiyoga

Vanessa Roux

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Vanessa Roux, South African born yogi, Vanessa is know for her authentic, grounded teaching style and her compassion-centered guided meditations.

Availing herself to continuous education from various disciplines, yoga lineages and dualities of both Yin and Yang.

She weaves thought-provoking meditations throughout her classes.

Applying ancient wisdom to our contemporary western world in a useful and understandable way.

She encourages growth of the physical, emotional and spiritual self, citing the interconnectedness to each other, to the world and to the universe at large.


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Mayassa is an inspirational yogi promoting active and healthy lifestyle.

A dedicated yoga practitioner engaging in different yoga styles. Mayassa does a lot of aerial silk, hoop, pole and is engaged in multiple sports.

She is an expert acro-yogi expressing the beauty of acrobatic with the peacefulness of yoga by making beautiful shapes.

She is passionate about exploring the world.

Mayassa has visited 100 countries, explored many of the famous landmarks and other hidden gems.

Mayassa has done so many unique experiences all the over the world.

Her Instagram account is an inspirational story. @Mayassaal

AJ Shreim

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AJ Shreim is an accomplished Lebanese telecom program manager with a passion for yoga and fitness.

His leadership, love for people and negotiation skills combined with his love for yoga and community service enabled him to organize free yoga events for the community.

He believes in people and serving the mental and emotional growth of people through yoga and meditation.

As a yoga practitioner with thousands of hours of training in different yoga style, he focuses on cultivating balance between work and well-being. AJ believes that doing yoga daily helps to build spiritual connection and promotes physical health and enables self-awareness and presence.

In addition to his job as a general manager of a telecom system integrator, AJ is a proud Father, fun runner, scuba diver and engages in a multitude of fitness and fun activities.

AJ can be reached on Facebook AJ Shreim;
Instagram @ajshreim